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Lawn & Garden

Bagged Stone & Sand

Within the Denver lawn and garden section, you will find a full collection of products to enhance your outdoor space. From long-handled shovels, rakes, and hand trowels to wheelbarrows and garden carts, there are hand tools to help complete any lawn and garden task. Keep your trees and shrubs looking vibrant with pruning shears, loppers, and pruners. You can find a variety of seed spreaders, as well as garden hoses, nozzles, and sprinklers to water your lawn or garden.


There are also many additional products. Herbicide from Round Up, Spectracide, and Bonide is stocked, as well as a wide array of insecticides and other plant sprays. There is also a selection of bagged sand, stone, mulch, potting soil, and composted cow manure. To decorate the landscape, we offer a variety of planters and solar lights.

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