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Sporting Goods​

Crossbows & Archery Supplies

Within the Spring Mills sporting goods department, you will find a wide range of product. We stock various games of volleyball, croquet, horseshoes, bocce, badminton, tetherball, cornhole, and spikeball, as well as supplies for baseball.


The fishing section contains accessories from multiple brands, including Eagle Claw, Flambeau Outdoors, Shakespeare, Berkley, Panther Martin, and Booyah.


Our hunting section offers supplies from Allen, Hunter Specialties, and Primos, as well as muzzleloader accessories from CVA. You can also find a selection of tree stands from Big Dog Hunting, Summit Treestands, Xtreme Outdoor Products, and Family Traditions Tree Stands.


In the archery area, you will find a broad selection of crossbows from Excalibur, Ten Point, and Wicked Ridge. You will also see a range of arrows from Gold Tip and Carbon Express; bolts from Excaliber and Ten Point; and broadheads from Rage, Muzzy, Designed to Hunt, Nap, and Ramcat.


We provide archery services that include crossbow string and cable replacement, general crossbow repairs, and arrow cutting, as well as arrow and bolt repairs.


Weaver’s Store also issues fishing and hunting licenses.

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